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The rise of the multilatina company

These Latin American powerhouses are growing.

The past few decades have been revolutionary for Latin Americans as a whole. We have come a long way from seeing ourselves represented on big screens, on top streaming platforms, as global leaders, and even astronauts. As Latin American and Hispanic leaders take over the financial and business world, a new dawn is upon us as it shines with human, economic and overall development, and multilatina organizations are leading the way.

What is a multilatina company?

According to researchers, a multilatina is a company that operates in Latin American countries and might not operate outside the Latin American region. However, some companies export and operate beyond that boundary, known as global Latinas. It is important to note that structurally speaking, multilatinas and global Latinas are  different entities. Multilatinas have revenues from other countries while their operations and resources might be in Latin America. On the other hand, global Latinas have truly grasped a global footprint, with international customers, revenue and operations wrapped around globally.