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“We work on the strategic positioning of our clients, according to the objectives set, to strengthen the brand, achieve recognition in the public opinion and strengthen the relationship with the media”

The services we offer are:

Design of media visibility strategies and reputation plans

Creation of communication strategies that allows a greater visibility and media positioning aligned to the business or brand objectives. It covers press actions, relations with stakeholders, creative campaigns, and other initiatives that makes it possible to generate impacts on the main publics of interest and on the public opinion. It can be sustained or for specific projects.

Public relations management

We consolidate the media positioning of organizations under different levels of information that strengthen their reputational dimensions. Different useful informative tools are articulated, according to the commercial and marketing goals of each client, to ensure visibility in traditional media.

Public relations management and PR Online

Traditional public relations management is complemented by an online public relations strategy for platforms and digital media, in order to strengthen the media position on digital platforms and the 2.0 world.

Crisis management

We execute communication strategies in crisis situations, at different levels of information for digital and/or mass media. Key actions are developed to communicate against reputational risks, in a preventive position and in a post crisis scenario.

Development of crisis protocols and manuals

Generation of the main guidelines and procedures that the company must carry out when facing a crisis. It begins with the creation of a Crisis Committee, key messages, as well as decision-making processes, writing communications, disseminating information and much more.

Media Training

We hold training workshops where we train leaders to face the most incisive questions before an interview. With journalists with extensive professional experience, we simulate journalistic environments and situations.

Spokesperson training program

A comprehensive program to strengthen communication skills and capacities aimed at companies’ executives and spokespersons. It allows knowing the dynamics of the media, the value of public relations and the spokesperson communications, the articulation of key messages, and the appropriate use of his personal image for the projection of an effective message in online and offline environments. It also includes practical training with the simulation of journalistic environments.

Event coverage

We contribute to the media exposure of the most important events of our clients. We use specialized methodology for events and press conferences, in order to position our clients with conjunctural and relevant issues.

Press trips organization

We expose the brands by traveling with key journalists to the organizations’ operation centers, to any continent. In addition, we develop strategic guidelines to identify the most important media for the client. We accompany our clients from logistics to execution.

Media monitoring

Collection of news and publications about your brand or company, to be informed of public opinion and thus raise communication strategies or identify potential crisis in the early stages.

Personal branding

We developed a branding strategy for company executives and leaders, in orden to give them a media exposition based on their expertise. Also, it involves an active presence on digital platforms.

Branded PR (Content marketing)

Strategies and content are developed around a brand or company, and it seeks to expose itself in traditional and digital media, or in corporate or brand channels. Strategic and tool developments are carried out by professionals who are suitable for the background, form, and design of the campaigns.

Media scenarios and informative analysis of the sector report

An analysis of the media performance of the sector and the most relevant stakeholders and characters. This input allows the identification of objectives, performance and opportunities for visibility in the media and communication platforms. It is a basic input for the development of corporate communication and public relation strategies.

Relationship with informative decision makers and opinion leaders

Approach with decision-makers and opinion leaders, to improve the relationship between them and the organization, and determine key informational actions.

Relationship with key and interest audiences

In accordance with the corporate or brand objectives, strategies for reaching out to the main stakeholders are developed.