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“We respond to the needs of companies through strategies defined in internal communication plans, which are controlled and monitored daily to meet the objectives set”.

In this sense, the services we offer are:

Initial diagnosis

We evaluate, through qualitative and quantitative studies, the impact of the communications tools used to know the current situation of the organization.

Strategic planning

We design the route to be followed to achieve the goals and stablish the way in which those decisions are transformed into actions that will then be disseminated in the short, medium, or long term.

Campaign conceptualization

We transform the objectives and actions, effectively and creatively, into internal communication campaigns, which will then be disseminated at a specific time and to a specific audience, to enhance the identity of the company.

Content generation and writing

We take care of generating and writing useful content with clear messages, to keep collaborators informed and to strengthen the sense of belonging to the organization.

Grammar and style correction

Materials prepared by the company are reviewed so that the texts are neat, consistent with the objective and that the information has the necessary resources to achieve that the communicational message reaches different audiences according to the needs of the organization.

Design and layout

We develop and outline creative pieces of internal content from the corporate graphic line to disseminate it among employees and meet the company’s objectives.

Performance measurement

We objectively and comprehensively evaluate the professional conduct, skills, performance, and productivity of employees, to measure compliance with their work obligations with the organization.

Results report

We present the results that include a global evaluation of the development of the strategic plan, to reflect the results and the achievement of the initial objectives.