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“We transform the communication of our clients to the new digital world. With the Online Communication Plan, we provide visibility to brands generating digital experiences for their users, and creating favorable currents of opinion”

In addition, our Visual Identity area complements the work with the necessary graphic resources.

Social listening

We monitor the digital reputation of your brand or campaign. We evaluate the main conversations, trends, themes, hashtags, feelings, company’s competitions in the digital environment.

Leaders’ digital reputation

We prepare a reputation report for executives who want to know how they are perceived in the digital environment, and we present recommendations to improve their visibility on digital social platforms.

Mapping digital influencers

We investigate who is part of the network of influential actors before a company or brand, as well as knowing their position, and/or perception of it. This allows to create a strategy to work with allies or detractors.

Monitoring of possible crises

We monitor the behavior of the digital environment in the event of possible crisis situations, with the implementation of 24/7 alerts to be informed in real time.

Website design

We design and develop persuasive web pages that are adaptable to the various devices, that meet the objectives and needs of your company.

Online reputation analysis

We carry out a report or audit on the performance of the company or manager in the online world, according to its target audience: profiles, interactions, mentions, insights, among others.

Online competitive analysis

We analyze the online context to learn about the environment, which allows developing profiles on social networks, and generating ideal digital content for different audiences.

Content strategy for social networks

Development of a communication strategy for social media platforms. We present recommendations regarding the type of publications, tone and key messages to communicate with your audience. Messages are published through the generation of a monthly content grid and the design of the corresponding graphic pieces.

Digital advertising

We take care of the creation and writing of the digital ads, and the realization of the advertising guidelines in: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads.

Relationship with influencers

We map key influencers for companies that support specific or permanent brand campaigns.