We work on the strategic positioning of our clients in the selected media, according to the category you belong. The external communication and press strategies that we elaborate reinforce the brand, showing in a deeper way the benefits of the products and the organization in a global level. Also, we achieved high levels of recognition in public opinion and a strenghened relationship with the media.


“We take seriously the defense, construction and maintenance of our clients reputation with their strategic publics”

We contribute to the media positioning of the organizations. Our work focuses on strategic planning in communication to publicize the company information at different levels (corporate, CSR, products, etc.), according to its commercial and marketing objectives.

  • Press handling

  • PR Advice in events

  • Publications monitoring

  • Electronic clipping

Crisis Communication

“We help anticipate, plan, and prepare for crises that can put your organization on the edge of the abyss”

We face the crisis situations of companies that are into the public eye, either in digital media or mass media. You can rely on us for crisis planning and simulation exercises, and the necessary advices to control, manage, and exit critical situations.

  • Stakeholders mapping in crisis
  • Crisis mapping
  • Crisis management
  • Crisis prevention
  • Communication manual


“We have been supporting senior executives for years. We prepare them to face the fourth power”

We do training workshops for the leaders, so they can face the most incisive questions before an interview. We simulate the journalistic environment to take it to the extreme with the questions, whether they are for radio, television or print. We have journalists with more than 20 years of professional experience positioned in the most recognized media in the country.

  • Spokespersons identification
  • Spokespersons training

  • PR Workshops

Events and conferences coverage

“We contribute to the media exposure of your most important events”

We understand that some clients look for short campaigns to position specific issues on the media agenda. We have develloped a special methodology only for public relations events and press conferences.

  • Media call for press conferences, business conferences and corporate events
  • Launch campaigns for products and services

Press Trips

“We expose your company internationally traveling with key journalists to your operations centers in any continent”

We develop strategic guidelines to identify the important media for the client. We accompany them since the logistics until the execution.

  • Travel planning for journalists and editors

  • Definition of international and national strategic media