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Sales or brand? How do public relations impact?

There are many professional biases when we look at the exercise of public relations. More than any area or activity, public relations management is at the service of the company and the relationship with its public. And that is the case because of the informative levels that are worked and that impact the different reputational dimensions of a company. When we define objectives, goals and reputational aspects are established in a company, brand or activity needs to strengthen.

The effectiveness of public relations is based on responding to the needs of the public and public opinion, under a comprehensive marketing communications strategy. It focuses on managing what we need to know about the different audiences brand and if this interests them or builds a better relationship with it. The objectives of direct sales or promotion are effective and of direct results in the application of other marketing or communication practices. This without a doubt that public relations add to the informative efforts of areas or sales campaigns, as long as we have qualitative value, novelty, topicality and other technical requirements that are required. The approach is not commercial, in its purest form.

The management of public relations are based on the objectives of the company and supports the development of the different strategies of the company in its exercise: social, business, sales, commercial, process management, regulatory, innovation, leadership, operational or functional, among many more.

Worldcom Public Relations Group analyze different factors that are key in public relations management within a sales or commercial strategy:


No existe un enfoque de «talla única» para establecer los KPI correctos. Por lo tanto, la definición de los KPI siempre debe ser un proceso de colaboración entre el cliente y la empresa. Las empresas conocen su ciclo de ventas y las cualidades únicas de su mercado: los esfuerzos de relaciones públicas deben estar vinculados a esto y reflejados en los KPI. Lo cierto es que los KPIs deben ser sensatos, medibles y deben construir también marca.


The greatest success of marketing is to generate sales, while public relations aim at the positioning and good reputation of each company. You must change the perception you have. Although the main target audience attacked by public relations could be that of consumers, the other side of the message is for recipients who are usually authorities and institutions, as well as opinion leaders, influencers and journalists. Public relations does not sell, they build.


It is essential to establish certain KPIs in the short, medium and long term to properly evaluate the results of the campaign and calculate the ROI. The impact of a campaign can take time to translate into sales, so just looking at the immediate results of public relations efforts will not be the real fruits of the work.

At Realidades we understand and develop public relations strategy that strengthen different reputational aspects of the company and make visible the specific objectives of different areas, including commercial and sales, under the condition of managing information of interest to the key audiences of this practice. As a strategic communication consultant, we believe that the main variable of a communication and PR strategy is the generation of trust. Currently, building credibility and authenticity is key for a brand, institution or company not only to sell more, but to be admired and sustainable.

Source: Worldcom