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5 ways to integrate public relations and social media

In an increasingly integrated landscape, communication, social network management and public relations must be more involved and work in a consistent manner to achieve the same goal. However, many companies and agencies make the mistake of developing atomized and different strategies, where there is no dialogue between the two exercises.

Among the advantages of having an integrated strategy (social media and public relations) are the following: we identify a greater scope, there are more agile processes, there is greater recognition and feedback of audiences between multiple channels, it allows to maintain coherence and avoid the contradictions.

So how can social media be used to support public relations through an integrated approach?

We propose these tips:

    1. Assign responsibilities to a professional with experience in both aspects, public relations and social media to ensure natural and complete integration from the beginning. Or integrate 2 specialists able to dialogue and understand the relevance of each other's field.
    2. Disseminate interesting, creative and curious information (whether for social media or press releases) for the real or potential client, this will make the public speak of the brand in a positive way, and in turn, acquire the product or service.
    3. Unify performance indicators for social media and public relations (reach, profitability and audience quality). These will define if both channels are going hand in hand and will help to track more accurately.
    4. Define internal flows, as it is important to preserve the order and organization of each area and the professionals involved.
    5. Complement the messages and integrate the information under a single strategy. What can start in public relations can end up in social media or vice versa. The conversation is the same, but the online environment gives you the opportunity to segment and better direct what you want to inform and listen to.

Traditional media have a valuable place in public relations. But social media make it possible for any company to publish their news and gives them the ability to reach a wider audience.

Given these tips, the challenge of public relations in social media is to build a close and solid relationship with the public, using different platforms and digital resources to achieve consumer acceptance, through the interaction that arises in these communication media.


Source: Worldcom