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New actors, new ways to communicate

The Worldcom LATAM annual meeting is always subject to regional contexts that each year have different and specific characteristics. In this case, it is important to analyze the influence of the new presidents, such as Brazil. We spoke briefly with Angélica Consiglio, CEO of Planin, who offered very interesting answers to understand this new management.

The government of Jair Bolsonaro took office at the beginning of this year, initiating a process of change of political orientations of the left towards right-wing orientations. However, Consiglio thought that it would be advisable for government policies to be carried out with a center focus: this way, it is possible to make a connection between different groups, and establish dialogues that contribute to the development of the country.

In that sense, according to Consiglio, one of the government main objectives is to have a mayor international presence. To do this, it seeks to establish alliances with different countries based on trade agreements, reinforcing the great predisposition that Brazil has for these deals.

And what interference does the communication have in those plans? Consiglio explained that the government, in the area, is inexperienced and must begin to understand the importance of communication, whether through traditional media or social networks.

With the traditional media, they are very strong group in the country: they have a lot of credibility for the verification of information they do and they are very incisive. This forces the government to understand that a good relationship with this sector is necessary for the development of Brazil. And with social media, politicians should be more cautious with their use: the mere publication of personal opinions demonstrates the lack of communication planning, and ignores the discussion on issues relevant to society.