We apply qualitative and quantitative studies to extract the perception of the public of interest about the organizations, products and / or services. In addition, we take care of the implementation of communication campaigns that expose the social commitment of our clients. Our consultancy also covers the creation, execution and specialized consulting of communication and marketing strategies.


“We help build your brand from the inside to the outside to enhance it and make it attractive to your collaborators and leaders”

We really understand that the great brands are built from the inside out. Our methodology consists in inspecting the internal dynamics of an organization and evaluating if the collaborators and managers are being true ambassadors. Realidades can help evaluate the effectiveness of your internal communications, and create effective tools to achieve the participation of your employees.

  • Organizational climate

  • Internal communications diagnosis

  • Assimilation and awareness campaigns

  • Interpersonal communication workshop

Communication and Marketing

“We managed to understand and engage your customers through smarter and more personalized communications strategies”

We are committed to deeply understand your brand, differentiation points, trends; and above all, the perceptions and evaluations of its clients. From there, we develop and execute in the most efficient and creative way through traditional and non-traditional media. We get involved in the design and conceptualization of campaigns and logos, to the advertising and execution of communication fairs that help to carry the message in a simple and concise way.

  • Communication strategies
  • Development of Corporate Communication Policies
  • Marketing plan
  • Business to Business
  • Social Communication Campaigns
  • Dissemination, education and information campaigns

Mapping of Stakeholders and
Possible Crisis

“We identify your strategic audiences and thell you who is your ally, and who is not yet”

We define strategic audiences. We investigate and analyze their perceptions and assesments in order to identify possible opportunities, influence levels, mobilization power, and risk factors that could endanger the reputation of companies.

  • Strategic audiences mapping
  • Possible crisis mapping
  • Neighboorhood mapping

Image and
Perception Diagnosis

“We tell you what do your stakeholders think about your brand, and we propose you an improvement plan”

We take the investigation to its highest point of interest. We analyze perceptions, motivations, assessments and opinions of strategic audiences. Based on it, we apply communication strategies that help improve the reputation and corporate image in the short and long term.

  • Reputation diagnosis
  • Internal communications diagnosis
  • Satisfaction studies

Social diagnosis and

“We understand the social context of the organization to give sustainability to its relations with communities”

We support our clients to understand the social dynamics of the environment in which their organization develops, in order to build reliable CSR strategies that are aligned with the vision of the company. Also, they must contribute to generation value to the organization, and above all, to its strategic publics (communities, leaders, authorities, etc.).

  • Socio-Cultural diagnosis
  • Relationship with Stakeholders
  • Social communication strategies