We manage the communication of our clients in the new 2.0 world. In social media, the communication plan is based on the brand exposure, in creating favorable opinion strems among bloggers and cybernauts, which manage to strengthen the image of the client in the digital plantforms.

Social Media

We make your brand participate in the daily conversations of your customers in the social networks, based on a strategy that seeks to follow key messages according to the marketing and commercial objectives of your company.


We diagnose the performance of your company’s social media. We analyze the main actions of your competitors, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the guidelines to follow for a successful digital communications campaigns.

Digital content

We generate valuable content for your clients, based on their lifestyles and preferences. We develop articles for blogs, electronic newsletters, websites, mailings, digital magazines, among other digital communication tools.


We lead advertising campaigns in the online world. We structure a digital media strategy, and we advice you where and how it should appear in the digital world.


Based on a deep knowledge of the market, we build digital strategies that set medium and short term objectives, and results. We define key messages, ideal channels, creative concepts and guidelines to follow in order to achieve your business objectives.

What makes us different?


The basic information is essential to understand the environment in which the company operates. In addition, we identify the client’s profile, as well as the social networks in which they are interacting.

Measurement and

Monthly results measurement, based on the analysis of each publication and the impact level of each one. Accordingly, positive actions are identified and the strategy is improved.


Resources needed for communication management, used to “viralized” coherent content; in order to retain customers and identify them with the brand.


According to the objectives, we identify the most convenient social actions to carry them out in the digital platforms. As a complement, and to optimize results, we disseminate content using online advertising, with prior approval of the client.