Media monitoring in public relations, today

Media monitoring is nothing more than keeping our eyes and ears open to conversations around our brands. That is, to know everything that is happening in the environment of our organizations.

According to Eduard Gottschalk of AF Comunicación Estratégica, this important practice for brand has been renewed with the use of artificial intelligence systems, algorithms and new processors that help to make the best follow-ups to the necessary information. Also, social networks, such as WhatsApp, have broken in as instant communication means to follow up on media monitoring information; however, they have important problems of credibility and trust.

That is why, at the last Worldcom LATAM meeting, the partners discussed about the intentions to strengthen and improve the value proposition for the companies, with the acquisition of a media monitoring tool that would be useful for all the partners, and could respond to adequate and immediate way to any information relevant to Worldcom LATAM customers.