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Welcome to Miami: defining strategies, pointing to the future

This time, Miami hosted the annual Worldcom Latam meeting in 2019. In the most Latin American city of the United States, the LATAM partners shared plans and strategies to implement through the year. This exchange of experiences served, not only to evaluate the regional promotion plans, but also to improve the proposition value of Worldcom.

The meeting highlighted various advances such as the regional promotions plans in health, tourism, technology and finance, and the evaluation of digital media monitoring systems in the region. By using these tools, the organization con continue to build and grow in a sustainable manner, and adding value to the services offered.

A fundamental aspect of the meeting was the need to raise awareness of the challenges and the aspects to improve in 2019. Some points to work were emphasized, such as reducing the talent drain experienced by LATAM agencies, and strengthening the use of social networks to consolidate Worldcom’s position. Also, the formation of work groups and leader designation to carry out these improvement actions.

The talk given by our friend Bill Imada, “Hoy to be your authentic self in business and produce extraordinary brand experiences”, was excellent. He explains where the vision, mission and actions of the different agencies should have a sense, consistency, and a coherent narrative.

The improvement results of these actions will be implemented this year and they will be discussed at the next Worldcom Latam meeting in the Dominican Republic in 2020.