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The importance of media monitoring in public relations

In the last Worldcom LATAM meeting, the partners discussed about the importance of media monitoring and how this tool adds value to the service provided to customers.

Media monitoring focuses on one thing: listening. Listen carefully to what is said about the organization, about the competition, about the partners, and any relevant topic for the company. Printed media, television, social media or the Internet are all resonance chambers of multiple discourses about the company, and its surroundings, which can be tracked and monitored through processors and algorithms designed to identify and collect that information.

In this way, having access to all this knowledge allows to know and understand the audiences of the company, and identify other possible audiences, know what reputation they have, reduce risks, prevent crises, and evaluate the effectiveness of the services provided.

The possibility of performing different benchmarking, and responding adequately and immediately to any negative information regarding brands is of vital importance for any agency. Of course, the watchful eye and strategic analysis of the agency’s specialist communicator to give value to the data collected, and the products derived from that data that is shared with customers.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to two tools that have gained relevance in recent years: Social Listening and Media Monitoring. As Eduard Gottschalk of AF Strategic Communication indicates, Digital Listening has stood out for its variety and ease in identifying the different types of mentions, direct and indirect, in brands social networks, even in real time. In addition to detecting influencers or potential ambassadors of the brands that are managed. Similarly, with Media Monitoring, you can get to know what the public thinks about brands, and detect any misconceptions that hang over them. Also, to follow closely the tone of the discussion in social networks to manage and protect the corporate reputation, and anticipate any crisis.

As can be seen, the possibilities offered by media monitoring are novel and varied.