Worldcom Americas Meeting – Lima 2018: Reaching new heights

The annual meeting of all agencies in America, associated with the Worldcom Public Relations Group, took place between October 2nd and 5th. Lima was the scene for the meeting that allowed sharing the vision of directors and CEOs facing the challenge of growth, the dynamics of changing economic and social environments, and innovation in communication and business reputation.

During four days, all participants attended panels of discussion and tables of best practices in communication, developed by the agencies from the Americas. Patrick Brady and Ross Bernstein were the main international speakers and, thanks to their outstanding experience and knowledge, provided key information to the best management and leadership of the organizations that the participating Directors and CEOs they oversee. (See Ross Bernstein interview, made by at:

Isabella Falco, Communication Director of the country brand Peru, and Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, famous Chef and culinary innovator, shared with the attendees the vision of Peru, in a scenario of opportunities for communication and business innovation designed to the world. Directors and CEOs of the participating agencies recognized the contribution and shared impressions on this experience developed in South America.

Great challenges are great opportunities: How will we innovate?

The participants consider that this meeting has been enriched by the exchange of experiences. “By adding the facilities provided by technology, the expertise of the agencies that make up the network, and the capabilities of the human and professional teams, we have a formula that gives value to the service, optimizes results and exceeds the expectations of the customers who come every time with more complex communication needs “, says Luis Avellaneda, Managing Director of Realities, Consultant from Peru, which led the organization of the event.

Innovation and the challenges of the business environment and communication were present in the discussion. Some of the participating CEOs share their perspectives on them.