Worldcom Latam Sao Paulo – Brazil 2018

The path of consolidation

News   •   March 27, 2018

Sao Paulo was the venue for WorldCom Latam 2018, held on February 1st and 2nd. The meeting brought together directors from 8 consulting firms in the Latin American region and has allowed develop work agendas and analyzed a series of opportunities to consolidate WorldCom’s presence in this part of the world.

For 2 days, the directors of Fusion Communications, Inc. (Miami), Grupo Albion (Colombia), Planin (Brazil), Interamericana de Comunicacion (Costa Rica), Latinmedia (Chile), Zelmira-K (Argentina), and Realidades (Peru) gathered to review the achievements accomplished by al LATAM agencies, as well as review and establish agreements to improve the commercial proposal for all agencies.

Angelica Consiglio, the host agency, welcomed the directors and executives who were part of the meeting and thanked IW Group, Inc. The different workspaces allowed everybody to learn about the different strategies and practices that are being applied by the agency. The exchange of success stories, applied to different economic sectors, has allowed enriching the vision of the value proposal that developed the agencies in this region.

“This year we have set big growth goals and new communication goals. This type of events bring us a possibility to understand what is going on in each country, which tools are being used, and how we can adapt them, and in consequence, how we can collaborate among all countries to provide a better service to our clients in each agency, and clients that we have in common”, said Eduardo Avella, Director of Grupo Albion, at the end of the event.

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