AF Comunicación Estratégica joins Wordlcom Public Relations Group

“We don’t believe in canned recipes, we are working on specific differences from each company”

News   •   March 27, 2018

The integration of AF Comuncacion Estrategica consolidates the presence of Worldcom Public Relation Group in Dominican Republic and Central America, with more than 10 years of experience, and led by Amelia Reyes, as President; Eduard Gottschalk, Vice President; and Ana Santana, Project and Service Director. AF Comunicación Estrategica has consolidated its leadership in the Dominican market, which stands as a good stage for the growth of businesses and the opportunities of consulting in Corporate Communication and Public Relations. In this edition, Amelia Reyes shares as leader of the consulting agency the expectations of joining the network, challenges as agency and the success formulas of its growth.

What it means for the agency to joining Worldcom Public Relations Group?

For us, it represents a significant value differentiator, which impels us to continue ensuring the highest quality standards in each of the services that we offer. The sum of the experiences, contacts and knowledge of more than 2,000 communication professionals, in 115 cities, and in 49 countries in 6 continents, are now part of the AF Comunication Estrategica assets, which we will make available to our clients. From the Dominican Republic we will be able to offer a services with international reach, ensuring high satisfaction for our clients, and allowing us to increase our growth potential.

What are the expectation regarding regional work with other agencies in Latin America?

In synergy with each agency in the region, we will strengthen the services that we offer and, in a more articulated manner, we will contribute with the expertise we have accumulated in all of our markets, to achieve greater effectiveness for our clients.

What opportunities for development does the Dominican Republic market has to offer for corporate communication and communication consulting?

This year the Dominican economy is expected to grow 5.1%, according to a preliminary balance from CEPAL, which places the country as the second leader in the region. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) highlighted the strengths of the Dominican economic indicators, in terms of GDP growth, inflation, currency inflows and international reserves. These competitive advantages are a significant opportunity since the dynamism that exists in the market and the growth of different industries -including tourism- demand high-level advice on issues of communication, reputation and public relations. In particular, the attraction of foreign investments and the installation of companies that have representation in different countries and require services from a unique agency that secures coherent and integrated communication, represents a big opportunity.

During more than 10 years of service, what has characterized the work of AF Comunicación Estratégica?

We work with great passion and dedication, assuming a strong commitment with our clients and identifying ourselves with their communication and business objectives, making our priority the satisfaction of each of the companies that rely on our work. We make sure to listen empathetically and actively, both understanding and anticipating the needs of our clients. We do not believe in canned recipes for everyone, we work out the specific differences for each company. We fulfill what we promise in a timely manner. Our clients are our best witnesses and spokespersons of our work and refer us to other companies, allowing us to grow. Discipline, integrity and the constant search for excellence are a way of life for our team of consultants.

What are the next challenges for AF Comunicación Estratégica?

We believe in continuous improvement to achieve excellence, so we are constantly studying, researching and updating to offer the best consultancy and adapt effectively to changes in habits, customs and market expectations, making a more efficient use of technology and seeking synergies, such as the case with our partnership with Worldcom. We are allies of several international agencies of great world prestige that allows us to stay at the forefront of the best and most successful practices in the practices of Communication and Public Relations. At the same time, we do not lose sight of the fact that, in a constantly changing market, the only thing that we must maintain unchanged are our values, which will guide our ethical conduct that we consider an essential element for the success of our agency. We will continue to evaluate our strategies and management, becoming our biggest critics with the purpose of challenging ourselves to continue growing and adding more and more value to our clients.

Which do you think will be the main contribution of AF Comunicación Estratégica to Worlcom and its agencies in the region with this integration?

The experience we have accrued during our journey in Public Relations has allowed us to mature and today we are one of the most solid and competitive agencies in the Dominican market in terms of corporate communication, event organization, media management, digital marketing, and editorial production and graphic communication, crisis and risk management or corporate social responsibility and internal communication. Being knowledgeable about the media network and its main actors help us to manage, with a high level of efficiency and with real strategies, the positioning and reputation of our clients in front of their key audiences.

Amelia Reyes Mora
President of AF Comunicación Estratégica, leads the agency with more than 25 years of experience in the field of communication and management of corporate matters, advertising and others related. She is also Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Dominican Development Foundation and the Board of Directors of the Dominican Association of Tourism. Has a Master in Communication, Public Relations and Protocol in ESERP, by The School of Business and Social Science and the Camilo José Cela University. Amelia Reyes has been director of communication teams, human resources and corporate affairs in multinational companies in the Dominican Republic.

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