Elections in Chile: Between a new president and his return paradigm

News   •   December 14, 2017

Speeches on economic growth versus broad social reforms. The future of the largest copper producer in the world seems to be unstable. How relevant is political communication in this context? Arturo Arriagada, Director of Latinmedia and partner of Worldcom in Chile, analyzes the political scenario and communication of this election.

On December 17th many things could change in Chile. More than 14 million voters will decide who will be their next president after a questioned government of the current president Michelle Bachelet. From the race of 8 candidates, former President Sebastián Piñera and Senator Alejandro Guiller are the favorites of a race that divides the southern country between the need for a solid economic recovery and a reformist vision with a broad base of access to social rights.

The admired model of Chilean development seems, today more than ever, to be less stable than thought. The wide advantage that Piñera held in the first round -more than 36% of the votes- seems to be descending in the surveys that yield very short previous percentages. On November 19, Chile has renewed the political presence of the 23 seats of the Senate, the entire Chamber of Deputies of 155 members, and the new election of 278 regional councilors.

How relevant is political communication in this contest? Arturo Arriagada, Director of Latinmedia, shares with us a political and communicational analysis of the electoral scenario. “The candidate Guillier represents the continuity of the reforms in favor of social rights. On the other hand, Piñera represents the validity of a pro-growth economic model, based on private, and entrepreneurial activity as the engine of the national economy”.

The candidates:

Sebastián Piñera

Prosperous businessman from the banking and finance sector, as well as the commercial airline industry with a fortune estimated at US $ 2,300 million. Former president who left the government in 2014. He has won the first electoral round with more than 36% of the votes, more than 14 points ahead of his persecutor. He seeks to reverse Bachelet’s management reforms in the tax and education field, as well as changing laws regarding abortion. He has said that his goal is to create jobs to reduce poverty and inequalities.

Alejandro Guillier

Sociologist, journalist, and former host of radio and television. Former senator for New Majority, a political alliance that allowed him to reach the second round. He has proposed to diversify the economy leaving the export model of raw materials. He wants to deepen the reforms started by Bachelet. He has the support of the left of the country.

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