Worldcom Public Relations Group incorporates the consulting firm Fusion Communications INC.

News   •   July 5, 2017

Worldcom Public Relations Group incorporates to it´s  international communications network in Americas, the consulting firm Fusion Communications INC., which joins the partners of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia and other agencies around the world

Fusion Communications INC, the new addition to Worldcom Public Relations Group® network, is an international public relations firm with more than ten years of experience serving the Latin American and Hispanic markets in the United States. The agency is led by Julie Lugones and Annabel Beyra, two professionals with extensive experience in the industry, who provide advice to Fortune 500 organizations, from industries as diverse as technology, health, consumer, automotive, among others.

Their successes has been the result of an updated set of skills, interdisciplinary cooperation, knowledge of the different languages, culture and consumer adoption habits of the region.

“The combination of areas of expertise of the members of the network at a global scale and the synergy that we can achieve between agencies will allow us to continue growing and find new opportunities through a multidisciplinary, robust  and avant-garde strategy development network “, Said Annabel Beyra, founding partner of Fusion Commnications INC. “We are proud and optimistic to be part of an international network like Worldcom Public Relations Group,” she added.

For Worldcom Public Relations Group, it is a pleasure to welcome Fusion Communications Inc. as an affiliate in the Americas and as part of a global network of 49 countries. The component that Fusion Communications adds to the network is the opportunity to reach new emerging markets, where they have already demonstrated their professionalism, work ethics and success.

Luis Avellaneda
Director Gerente de Realidades S.A.C y miembro del directorio de Worldcom Public Relations Group. Cuenta con una experiencia de más de veinticinco años en el sector de las comunicaciones a nivel nacional e internacional. Es además catedrático en diversos programas de posgrado de la Universidad de Piura.

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