2017: Business, marketing and leadership books you cannot miss

Novedades   •   14 de Diciembre, 2017

Academics, journalists and businessmen have recognized the quality and transcendence of 6 titles that were published in 2017 and that we share with you for all the knowledge they leave us.

1. Strategic Marketing

Author: Julián Villanueva and Juan Manuel de Toro (Coordinators)
Editorial: EUNSA
Publication: 2017
Pages: 460

These two brilliant specialists from the University of Navarra and the IESE Business School share their view of the current marketing landscape. Budget reductions and economic conjunctures have put pressure on brands, which have reduced their advertising budgets. However, the big change is in the digitization of almost everything: products and services, channels, media, pricing models and, of course, the customer’s purchase process. Television is transforming, but the television spot is still the king of communication, and even successful digital pure players have decided to invest heavily in television. Marketing and Sales Departments continue fighting over the same things. They have difficulty convincing the CFO of the ROI of their commercial actions, as before. Marketing managers may believe that the pillars of their exercise and foundation are reeling. This book reflects on the modern and relevant vision of marketing and adds contributions from various IESE professors and other specialists. An essential book that saw the light this 2017.

2. The Handbook of Business and Corruption. Cross Sectorial Experiences.

Author: Michael S. ABländer and Sarah Hidson
Editorial: Emerald Publishing Limited
Publication: 2017
Pages: 576

Sarah Hudson of the Business School of Rennes (France) and Michael S. ABländer of the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) bring us this outstanding publication about business ethics. They start from the notion that corruption has been discarded as a cultural phenomenon prevalent in developing countries, reflected in low wages, weak infrastructure, disorganized administration and unstable political conditions. However, what this theory does not explain us is why so many Western multinational corporations have been involved in corruption scandals in recent years, even though most of these companies had anti-corruption programs and well established monitoring systems. The publication analyses corruption in all its senses in companies of different industries. With the contributions of some of the world’s leading experts in business ethics and law, this book is an essential resource for business management and its managers.

3. Janesville

Author: Amy Goldstein
Publication: 2017
Pages: 368

The Pulitzer Prize winner spent years writing this book portrayed as an exciting story of the American middle class. The publication has received the award and recognition of the Financial Times and McKinsey as the Business Book of Year. The story is centered in Janesville, Wisconsin, where the oldest US General Motors assembly plant was closed. The publication offers countless unexpected and subtle lessons for business, political and community leaders. The book places human faces in the cold data that generally illustrate recessions. It also sends a deeply informed reminder to global companies that they also have local responsibilities.

4. Adaptive Markets

Author: Andrew W. Lo
Editorial: Princeton University Press
Publication: 2017
Pages: 473

Adaptive Markets – Financial Evolution at the Speed ??of Thought. The MIT professor enters into a debate with economists by offering a new framework of hypotheses about adaptive markets, where rationality and irrationality coexist. Half of Americans have money in the stock market, but economists cannot agree on whether investors and markets are rational and efficient, as modern financial theory supposes, or if they are irrational and inefficient, as behavioral economists believe, and as financial bubbles, accidents, and crises suggest. This debate is addressed by Andrew under the hypothesis of Adaptive Market, in which rationality and irrationality coexist. Based on psychology, evolutionary biology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and other fields, Adaptive Markets shows that the theory of market efficiency is not erroneous, but simply incomplete. A fascinating intellectual journey full of compelling stories.

5. The One Device: The Secret History of the Iphone

Author: Brian Merchant
Editorial: Hardcover
Publication: 2017
Pages: 407

A look at the iPhone and its history that made it the most successful technological device that changed the world and the way of doing business. Within this splendid device there are scientific, technological and business advances, of global reach counted in the book, coming from very different disciplines, that allowed Apple to create the most profitable product in the United States. The One Device is a trip to the world of the iPhone, and its perfections and defects. A controversial book that reveals management lessons and business growth.

6. STRAIGHT TALK ON TRADE – Ideas for a sane world economy

Author: Dany Rodrik
Editorial: Princeton University Press
Publication: 2017
Pages: 336

Rodrik is a professor of international political economy in the Ford Foundation at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, from Harvard University. This book focuses on an honest discussion about free trade and how nations can wisely trace a path in today’s global economy.

Rodrik, an outspoken critic of economic globalization, defends a pluralist world economy in which nation-states retain sufficient autonomy to design their own social contracts and develop economic strategies adapted to their needs. Instead of demanding closed borders or defending protectionists, it shows how we can restore a sensible balance between national and global governance. Drawing on the recent experiences of developed countries, the euro area and developing nations, it paves a way forward with new ideas on how to reconcile current inequitable economic and technological trends with liberal democracy and social inclusion.

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